A Ghanaian lecturer has blamed poor leadership for lack of unity in Africa

May 28, 2015 The Africa Union Day was observed on Monday, the 25th of May and it elicited responses from some, like Dr. Lloyd Amoah, a lecturer at the Ashesi University in Ghana who believes Africa’s poor leadership is to blame for the continent’s inability to be fully integrated and free of social and economic barriers.

He said until the right infrastructures, such as leadership, are put in place, the goal of African unity will continue to be a mirage.

According to him, “If that infrastructure is neglected for quite a long time and not much effort [is] placed in that direction, it is not then strange that you begin to have the kinds of challenges that you have for a group of people [Africa],”

The lecturer said Africa’s problems are not innate or in our genetics but it is rather a question of the right infrastructure, which is leadership.

Also reacting to AU day was Selorm Branttie, a Policy Analyst, who opined that Africans are one of the most innovative people on the planet and that “the African is as good as anyone.”

He noted that, sadly the continent remains disunited, and with no common force for peace keeping purposes.

He is quoted as saying, “Most leaders are not able to think ahead or have a vision as to how new things can change the old order and I believe that because of that we are missing out on most opportunities, that would help the continent develop”

M.anifest, a popular rapper from Ghana also put in his contribution, saying the arts have the power to break barriers and boundaries, while recalling that his grandfather always told him that Kwame Nkrumah considered arts as a political priority because of its role in educating and breaking barriers for Africa unity.

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