A Japanese team takes World Custard Pie throwing title

June 11, 2015 In Kent, Britain,  there was a strange but exciting competition where a large number of people turned up to compete in, wait for this, the World Custard Pie Throwing Championship. 17 British teams and one from Japan took part in the messy competition, with Japan eventually winning.

Contestants wore super hero and fairy costumes, to give them the desired edge.

 Members of the winning team, Privates on Parade, spoke before the competition, saying, “We’ve got the camouflage. We’ve got the tactics. And if all else fails, we can just blow their brains out,”

Ok that sounds gross and intense, we’re glad they won and didn’t need to carry out their threat. Moving on!

If you are confused about the competition, the rules are simple. Each team has four people wearing fancy dress and standing next to a table loaded with pies. They then throw the pies at their opponents about three meters away.

A direct hit in the face brings six points, a hit on the chest – five points, a hit on the arms brings three points, while three misses result in points being deducted.

The competition dates back to 1967, and this year Japan battled the other fierce contenders amidst loud cheering from the crowd, to clinch the trophy.

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