A minister in Uganda says that East African countries’ integration is a do or die thing

June 9, 2015 There have been talks and policies drafted for an integrated East Africa, and quite a lot of buzz generated for a while now. It seems that East African ministers are very enthusiastic about this, at least that’s what we can deduce from a comment made by Uganda’s minister for General Duties in the office of the Prime Minister, Prof. Tarsis Kabwegyere asserting that Uganda will do all within its power to ensure that the dream becomes a reality.

During the launch of the East African Regional Integration Centre at Busia border where he was a guest of honor, the minister is quoted as saying, “For us as a country, we are determined to support the integration process as a matter of life and death, we need and must integrate. We cannot afford to move slowly on this process because we know its benefits,”

Prof. Kabwegyere took the opportunity to make a call to his counterparts in the East African Community block member states to work together with passion and eagerness to see that this new EAC has a stronger foundation than the previous one. He reminded them that their integrating will be good for trade, industry and employment creation for the region.

The Minister also touched on the security issue, saying the insecurity in some member states is because the countries are not yet one. According to him “when we get together and become one bloc, we shall be able to handle security or any other challenges thus shall prosper,”

His statement noted that operations at border posts which promote the free movement of persons and goods across the borders is essential if East African Countries will expand their economies to attract investments, increase trade, and create more employment opportunities for the educated youths.

We’re not so sure of this being a matter of life and death, but we are enthusiastic about progress made so far with integration and we look forward to seeing the great potential harnessed.

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