About 2,000 people gather in Seoul to make Kimchi

Nov 10, 2015 Over 2,000 people recently gathered in front of Seoul’s City Hall to make 25 tons of kimchi; a traditional dish, made from spicy paste, garlic, ginger fish sauce and fermented cabbage.

In 2013, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization included the making and sharing of kimchi to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Speaking at the event, Seoul Metropolitan Government officer Lee Hat-nim said:

“The Seoul Kimchi Festival is held to mark the registration of the South Korean traditional culture, kimchi making and sharing, to UNESCO in December 2013. We prepared this event here at Seoul square, the foreground of Seoul, to remember and revive the making and sharing of kimchi. Today, about 1,000 foreigners have participated and 2,000 people have signed up,”

21 year old Tatiana Siegher Lathrop from Denmark said:

“I felt that it was really a big, big event and I really liked it actually, I really enjoyed making kimchi. I thought it was really fun and being with so many people and enjoying this Korean tradition was really really nice,”

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