African Universities need more involvement in research – Kofi Annan

Former Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, has said that African universities will have to be more involved with Research if they are going to impact the continent. He said this in an address at the African Higher Education Summit in Dakar, the capital of Senegal.

The Ghanaian diplomat who is serving as the Chancellor of the University of Ghana discussed a collaboration between the University of Ghana and the University of Sussex. He advocated for more cooperation between African governments and universities, to enable Africa build regional centers of excellence which truly impact the quality of research and education. Mr Annan said higher education institutions should be “melting pots of diversity” and “incubators of pluralism” to be able to remain important and valid in the global market place.

In the words of Mr Annan, “I think this could allow us to develop world-class research-intensive universities, to generate the knowledge both governments and businesses need to succeed in Africa and globally. Africa has exported some of its brightest minds, as both professors and students. Many of the continent’s brightest young prospects feel they must leave Africa to further their studies, to publish or be mentored, and to develop personal expertise. They can benefit Africa as they benefit their host countries today,”

True talk Mr. Annan

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