03 Mar 2014 Kenya is determined to make Africa affordable for us all in 2014. Ventures Africa informs us that Kenyan Vehicle Manufacturer (KVM) has revealed that it is currently working on the assembly of Africa’s cheapest car in its Thika plant and ‘expects the vehicle to be made commercially available by June.

The car is an invention of computer engineer Joel Jackson and has been named Mobius. It was first assembled last year using parts from Toyota with 35% of the vehicle’s parts sourced locally. Cost of the car will be about $1,100, and Ventures reminds us that this is not bad, considering that new models of cars can cost up to $23,161.

We’re told that the car, which is built in Africa for Africans, takes into cognisance Africa’s rugged roads. It can accommodate eight passengers, driver inclusive, has a large space for stacking goods and boasts efficient fuel consumption capacity.

Although the car lacks air conditioning and other facilities such as power steering, Mr Jackson emphasizes that Mobius is designed for rural areas and small business owners who need cheap and affordable transportation.

The company will start production with 50 units.

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