Algerian chocolate fair gives everyone a sweet treat

May 4 , 2015 Last week we told you about chocolates in Kenya, today we’re talking about chocolates in Algeria. The nation recently held a chocolate and confectionery fair at the Medina centre. Visitors enjoyed treats, cups of hot chocolate and demonstrations on how to decorate delicious confectionary.

The four-day event wasn’t totally homegrown; representatives from foreign chocolate brands and four international chefs from France and Belgium took part in the first edition of the fair, which featured 12 Algerian chefs

Organiser of the fair Ismahane Okat said the chocolate market is booming in Algeria.

“Algeria is the largest consumer of chocolate in the Maghreb, it is a market that is worth 150 million euros, and young. Algerians have a sweet tooth. Through the exhibitors, they are led to discover all the new products. This Algerian market of 150 million euro is a potential one. According to NIelsen data from 2012 the market has been growing and growing. It’s definitely not a shrinking market. On the contrary. So the Algerian chocolate market is a growing one,”

A pastry chef, Pastry chef Nawel Amaoui said the event helps introduce visitors to traditional Algerian sweets.

“The aim is to valorize Algerian products because people need to know, so we make them savor and we show them that we can ameliorate our traditional sweets and give them other forms and other tastes,”

And it seemed the guests certainly agreed. Visitor Malika Mouali loved the chocolates on display

“I find the traditional Algerian product very good. There’s no difference with foreign chocolate. Our chocolate is so delicious and there are many brands, we have really evolved, I liked it. It is also original I really liked the fair,”

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