Andy Farrington crowned Red Bull Aces wingsuit racing champion

Oct 30, 2015 Andy Farrington recently beat a field of 40 athletes from 18 nations to emerged winner of the Red Bull Aces wingsuit racing championship for the second successive year.


The world’s first-ever wingsuit four-cross competition was introduced in 2014.

Speaking after the race, Farrington said:

“It’s unbelievable, a lot of base jumping competitions you’re flying around imaginary targets and everything. This is like a ski race you’re flying around the gate, flying around the gate, flying around the gate. So it’s no question whether you made the gate or didn’t make the gate, and getting that direct feedback and the direct results and everything is huge for our sport. Our sport happens a mile up in the air so being able to get that feedback to people down here on the ground right when we land is huge,”

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