Angola’s food and drink sector gets boost from Portugal

20th March 2015 Angola has been diversifying its economy, from oil to other sectors, and these efforts appear to be paying off, as the country’s food industry has attracted a fifty one million dollar investment from Portugal for a factory launch by food and Beverage Company, Sumol + Compal.

The company has said that the continent is vital and strategic to business growth and that plans to increase its exports to other countries in Africa are currently in discussion.

José Paulo Machado, the group’s director of personnel, communications and sustainability is quoted as saying “The unit will be in Kwanza Norte province and will be a similar size to the factory in Pombal, Portugal,” He added that equipment will only be installed to produce juices initially, with that for soft drinks production coming later.

The new company’s main activities are centered on the manufacturing, marketing, bottling, selling, exporting, and distribution of beverages such as juices, bottled water, soft drinks, beers and other products. The factory also has operations in plastic and glass bottle manufacturing.

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