Art meets nature in world's largest open-air museum in Brazil

Dec 03, 2015 The Inhotim museum, located on a 250-acre park in Brazil, boasts of an impressive display of contemporary art blended into its stunning natural beauty.

The lush gardens, designed by Brazil’s renowned landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx, became the home of one of the world’s biggest contemporary art collections when it opened to the public in 2006.

At Inhotim, visitors get a chance to view more than 500 works by over a hundred artists, including prominent names like Anish Kapoor, Matthew Barney and Brazilians Vik Muniz, Helio Oticica and Tunga.

The museum’s executive director, Antonio Grassi, described the Inhotim as a unique experience for art admirers from anywhere in the world.

“Inhotim, in reality, isn’t just a museum and it isn’t just a botanical garden. It is an exclusive encounter between art and botanics which create an unique experience, both in the international art scene and in Brazil. The experience of visiting Inhotim provides to our visitors a special feeling and puts them in an different state-of-mind – that is how we see it – which makes this place very different from the other cultural experiences that we know,”

Inhotim’s botanical gardens also boasts of over 5,000 different plant species, including one of the world’s most complete collections of palms. The park is also home to many different animals.

Peter Raflaaub, a swiss visitor said:

“I think it’s very intense to think about this landscape here and then the artists making the work intended to here. That makes this art unique because they can only be here and not anywhere else,”

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