Bill Clinton visits El Salvador to support subsistence farmers rise from poverty

Nov 12, 2015 Former U.S. president Bill Clinton recently visited with Salvadoran farmers benefiting from a Clinton Foundation program.

Joined by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, Clinton met with local activists and farmers supporting the program called Acceso Oferta Local.

The program, which is stage-managed by the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, helps farmers by providing affordable loans as well as training on how to get a fairer price for agricultural products on the market.

Speaking during the visit, Clinton said:

“And essentially what we tried to do is lower the price of influence and improve their quality. Lower the cost of credit, make the delivery of food to the market much more efficient and get the farmers a fairer price. There’s a chart in there that shows the work that has been done so far, the average income has gone up two to three times in every region of El Salvador where this project has worked,”

The program recently entered into a new partnership with the Multilateral Investment Fund, which will give it a funding boost of nearly $1 million.

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