Bolivia soccer headquarters raided in corruption probe – RTRS

Aug 27, 2015 With FIFA currently navigating its way through a corruption scandal, state prosecutors recently raided the headquarters of the Bolivian Football Federation in the provincial city of Cochabamba following the body’s failure to cooperate fully in an investigation.

The police had earlier on arrested Carlos Chavez, head of the organization over an alleged scam involving a charity fund that had been set up for the family of a fan who died during an international match.

According to Bolivian prosecutors, the bereaved family never received any money from the fund.

“Right now, our prosecutors from the Public Prosecutor’s office are raiding the Bolivian Football Federation in Cochabamba. At various times, we’ve sought information from the heads of the Bolivian Football Federation and, in reply, we have received incomplete answers, just some simple photocopies. There has been a negligent attitude from the previous heads of the Bolivian Football Federation,” said Bolivia’s top prosecutor Ramiro Guerrero.

Chavez, who is also the treasurer of the South American Football Confederation, is currently being held at the Bolivia’s Palmasola jail pending his trial.

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