Botswana and Ghana sign a new MOU

16th March 2015 Botswana and Ghana have entered into an agreement on political consultations owing to each other’s mutual admiration with both countries’ political stability. Ghana’s Mahama said Botswana and Ghana had established themselves as politically stable and therefore signing such an agreement would deepen their relations and encourage other African States to follow suit, and President Khama on his part pledged his government’s commitment to nurture the political and economic relations between the two countries. He also commended the government of Ghana for contributing teachers, Engineers and Lecturers at the country’s tertiary institutions, as well as Artisans in all fields of development over the years. The two countries will also consult each other on other issues.

The signing was performed by Madam Hannah Tetteh, Ghana’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration and Dr Pelonomi Vinson-Moitoi, the Minister of foreign and international cooperation of Botswana.  The signing of the memorandum of understanding was witnessed by the presidents of both countries.

President Mahama said both Ghana and Botswana were strengthening socio-economic democratic institutions, adding that, “while Ghana is going through economic transformation to add more value to raw materials before export, Botswana was also implementing economic diversity that was trending the same goals.

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