British boxer Amir Khan looking for winter fight

Aug 28, 2015 British boxer Amir Khan recently confirmed that he is hoping that his next fight to take place this winter in either the UAE or United States.

While speaking to reporters, Khan who has been linked with fights against Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao said:

“Insha Allah (God willing), the next fight for me will be end of November or December. Or it could be next year in February, either UAE or America. So, at the moment we are talking to a few people, and God willing, we should find out very soon.”

The previous world champion went on to speak about the new upcoming boxing academies in Pakistan:

“Within the next year, we will have the first academy ready, and also we will have many boxing clubs in Pakistan. I promise you, within two years we will have the first major Medal coming to Pakistan,”

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