British boxer Amir Khan overwhelmed by support in Pakistan

Aug 10, 2015 British boxer Amir Khan said he was overwhelmed by the reception he received from Pakistani boxing fans during his visit to the country.

I’ve been talking to people while I’ve been in Pakistan, and they told me that when Amir Khan fights, the streets of Pakistan stop.

One thing I want to say is, thank you for that because obviously I live in England, I fight America, and I didn’t know I had so much support in this country. But they told me that this young Amir Khan has the biggest support. It’s like Pakistan in the World Cup Cricket when Amir Khan fights, in the Finals,”

The 28-year-old World Boxing Council silver welterweight champion said that he has identified several talented young boxers in Pakistan and that with the right conditions and training, they  will gain international.

“It’s all about the youth, you know, bringing them into sport, giving them a path in life. And that’s what I want to do. With the academies also I want to build, the Amir Khan Foundation which I’m going to be doing here in Pakistan. My next project is going to be in Pakistan. My first one is in Gambia, the next one is in Pakistan, God willing,” he said.

Khan said he is working on a project that will see him build an orphanage in Pakistan for less privileged children.

End of the year, after my next fight which will be in November-December, I want to come to Pakistan and I want to build an orphanage here for the young people, for the young kids who have single parents or no parents. You know , doing charity work, I think we should all do charity work. It makes me feel so much better when you do charity, “he said.

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