Cameroon soccer star Eto'o promotes FIFA health campaign

Nov 09, 2015 Cameroon soccer star Samuel Eto’o recently visited Sierra Leone to promote FIFA’s Health campaign. The visit came a few days before the World Health Organization declared the country Ebola-free.

The “FIFA 11 for Health” campaign was aimed at encouraging young people to lead healthy lifestyles as well as educate them on deadly health risks.

Speaking during the visit, Eto’o said:

“Good health is essential. We need good health in order to achieve what we want in life… I would humbly like to address all Africans and tell them that if we don’t join forces to defend our cause, the rest of the world won’t do it for us.”

FIFA’s chief medical officer, Jiri Dvorak, also commented on the campaigns saying:

“Success of such a program can work only if we build a partnership. Partnership between our football players, partnership between the football association and the government. We can support, we can initiate but we can’t do everything in every corner. But we know now that we have reached countries where we are in every school in the country, that’s beautiful,”

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