Carnival hits the streets of Rio De Janeiro

Feb 02, 2016 Thousands of revelers recently participated in “Christ´s Armpit”, a traditional street parade to kicks off the Brazilian carnival.

The parade, whose theme revolved around Brazilian artist Bispo do Rosario, has thrilled revelers since the 1980s.

This year’s outing was not an exception.

Speaking at the event, Paula Gomes said:

“We are very happy because this year is the year of the Olympic Games, so we are getting into the spirit of things to celebrate the Olympics,”

The parade was one of 59 official parties lined up to usher in the main celebrations starting from the 5th of February.

For Solange Silva, the city streets were the best stage.

“It feels really great to be here, it is perhaps even better than parading in the Sambadrome, there is more personal contact,”

Carlos Martins also said:

“It is always very lively, a lively start, a lively carnival, a lively ending, let´s go lively people!”

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