Carson says concerns about Syrian refugees similar to parents worry about 'mad dogs'

Nov 24, 2015 Republican presidential candidate, Ben Carson, recently expressed his concerns over the admittance of Syrian refugees into the United States in the aftermath of the attacks in Paris.

Speaking at a news briefing in Alabama, Carson said:

“We must balance safety against just being a humanitarian. For instance, you know, if there’s a rabid dog running around your neighborhood, you’re probably not gonna assume something good about that dog. And you’re probably gonna put your children out of the way. Doesn’t mean that you hate all dogs, by any stretch of the imagination. But you’re putting your intellect into motion and you’re thinking how do I protect my children at the same I love dogs,”

Carson’s comments came on the same day when the U.S. House of Representatives passed a legislation to suspend President Obama’s program to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees in 2016.

Mr Carson went on to say:

By the same token, we have to have in place screening mechanisms that allow us to determine who the mad dogs are quite frankly. Who are the people who want to come in here and hurt us and want to destroy us. Until we know how to do that, just like it would be foolish to put your child out in the neighborhood knowing that that was going on, it is foolish for us to accept people if we cannot have the appropriate type of screening.”

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