Celebrities mobilize thousands of Ghanaians to protest power cuts.

May 20 , 2015 In Accra, Ghana’s capital city, thousands of Ghanaians led by some celebrities in the country carried out a historic vigil at Tetteh Quarshie in Accra to protest a three year power crisis in the country.

The celebrities included Yvonne Nelson, Van Vicker, and other actors, musicians and artists. They led a multitude of Ghanaians in a less than a kilometer protest walk, because just like many Ghanaians, they had also felt the heat of the crisis which appears to see no end.

Actor and one of the leaders of the vigil Van Vicker, was especially in no mood to accept the sweat dropping efforts by government to improve the situation, like many others he simply wanted results; electricity, to be precise.

The vigil was successfully carried out with hundreds of people holding torch lights, candlesticks, lanterns and any form of light, as they demanded their rights.

Certainly many people felt that the event was worth being associated with, as the walk had one of the biggest crowds recorded in recent times for any form of demonstration.

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