China chosen to host 2019 basketball World Cup

Aug 12, 2015 FIBA President Horacio Muratore has confirmed that China will host the 2019 basketball World Cup after beating off competition from the Philippines.

This came on the heels of the IOC’s decision to award the 2022 winter Olympics to Beijing, which also hosted the 2008 summer games.

China has recently received some bad press on account of its human right violations; however the Asian giant is determined to host a number of top sporting events to raise its profile.

Zhang Jiandong, deputy vice mayor of Beijing, while responding to the news, had this to say:

“Our aim is to host a fantastic and truly exceptional basketball World Cup in China…Thus contributing to the development of basketball in China and beyond. Basketball players around the world are welcome to come to China for the 2019 World Cup. Thank you again for your recognition and trust in China. Welcome to China.”

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