Chinese artist merge models in the woods to highlight Beijing's air pollution

Dec 23, 2015 In a sharp twist of creativity, Chinese artist Liu Bolin recently painted seven models in camouflage colors, blending them into woods in an attempt to put the spotlight on the dangerous pollution levels in Beijing.

Liu’s latest artwork, named Winter Solstice, came up on the second day of Beijing’s red alert for air pollution.  According to him, his idea was to express his concerns over the plight of the Chinese people in the face of rising air pollution.

“Today there are seven models joining in my work and I will make them disappear in the background woods. The woods I chose are interesting, which have been pruned and standardised. Today is a day on Beijing’s red alert for smog. It (my work) is at a critical point. Among various factors, I think, it is a reflection of Chinese people’s current living situation,”

Also commenting on the art work, Hou Ying, choreographer of the performance at the scene, said:

“In this piece of work, I think we are trying to (show) our physical reaction to such air. In such dirty and uncomfortable air, we come to a natural environment, we feel the nature the same way every blade of grass and every tree do. It brings our lives back to their very being in their natural state to feel it (the nature), and then react (to the nature),”

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