Chinese beach volleyballers on Brazil's public security

Mar 11, 2016 After taking part in the Rio Grand Slam tourney, Chinese beach volley baller expressed their satisfaction with the playing field and facilities. The Rio leg of the International Volleyball Federation world also doubled up as a ground test for this summer’s Olympic Games.

Speaking after the game, Yue Yuan, a Chinese beach volley baller said:

“The two of us had different tempos getting into the game. It’s probably due to our anxieties for taking away the ranking points from this tourney. We both gave it too thought but did not pay enough attention to the game process itself. Now we both need re-winding ourselves and we have to better our teamwork.”

The Chinese duo of Yue and Wang Fan, now ranked 19th worldwide, were joined by 61 other pairs from 30 countries at the ongoing Rio Grand Slam.

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