Colour Me Rad fun run makes Africa debut

Feb 03, 2016 Hundreds of people recently gathered in Lagos, Nigeria to take part in the first ever “Colour Me Rad” race in Africa.

The 5 kilometer race, which is loosely based on the Hindu Festival of Color, is not competitive or timed and is meant to simply be enjoyable.

The race was organized by the Lagos branch of the Alliance Francaise.

The participants started out with clean clothes and were later coated with different rainbow colors.

Speaking about the race, Christine Dove, Director of Alliance Francaise, Lagos said:

“So we wanted to show that everything is possible in Lagos. So that is nice for the image of the country. And secondly, we work for education, so we see education is the key of the nation,”

Kasie Okorobi, a banker who participated in the race said:

“This is my first time of running a marathon and I really like it because it’s on my list of things to achieve in 2016, so yay.”

Another participant, Shina Shonaikan said:

“Yeah we need more of this so you could see how excited people are seeing us walking along the streets. So interesting, yeah we want more of this,”

At the end of the race, runners were covered in a final wash of color and treated to food, drinks and music.

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