Cristiano Ronaldo launches #BeThe1Donor campaign

Oct 28, 2015 Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo is hoping to be crowned the world’s best footballer for a third year running.

However the 30 year old is looking to make a difference off the pitch after being named as the first global ambassador for the #BeThe1Donor movement.

The movement is aimed at encouraging young people around the world to regularly donate blood.

Speaking during an interview, Ronaldo revealed that he first got involved with blood donation when his Portugal team mate Carlos Martins’ son was sick and needed a bone marrow transplant.


“Well I remember a few years ago when I went to the hospital in Lisbon, and I saw great weakness people, and I speak with the guys to say which way I can help these people, and you know, he explained to me because I didn’t know in the beginning, it was many years ago, and I did it for the first time, and I enjoyed and I think we should do it because we save many people and I remember two years after, three, I had a friend, he played with me football, and his kid had some problem, and we did a big cause with all the teams to donate blood and it was one of the big reasons, and in my mind it’s always something very important for everyone because you never know the future, what’s going to happen with our kids, so…, I have a kid so I know. I wish that he never needs this kind of thing, but we never know, so this is why I am involved with Abbott, for this important cause, because I think it’s fantastic for the world” (Ronaldo spoke in English, so you don’t need to voice this)

Also speaking about the initiative, Louis Morrone, the Divisional Vice President of Transfusion Medicine said:

“Ronaldo is a worldwide star who’s passionate about blood donation. He embodies someone who reaches his full potential both on and off the field, and we’re excited to partner with him to inspire young people to donate blood.”

Dr John Hackett, jr. Head of Diagnostics Research, Abbott said:

“Abbott’s been committed to safe blood for more than 40 years, and today our tests are used to screen more than 50% of the worlds bloody supply. So we have ongoing programs, there have been multiple generations of tests devolped that improve sensitively of detection of pathogens that are present there, and we have surveillance programs that monitor new and changing viruses as well as virus discovery efforts, to ensure, again, we’re developing the products that will ensure a safe blood supply”

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