Dere: An African Tale


Dere: An African Tale

Video Audition Instructions

Video auditions are the only means through which actors will be selected for “Dere: An African Tale”. Please do not make phone calls requesting to be auditioned. You must be 18 and older to participate.

Kindly follow these steps to submit your “Dere: An African Tale” video auditions.

STEP 1 Download the CHARACTER BIBLE  Go through it to determine which role you are best suited for based on gender, age and range of acting (you will be allowed to audition for a maximum of 2 roles).

STEP 2 Locate your script and memorize your lines. CHARACTER SCRIPTS

STEP 3 Make a recording of your audition


  1. At the start of the video, say your name, age, state of origin, state of residence, and the character you are auditioning for (see video sample 1 above)
  2. Turn your entire body to the right side and then to the left side for profile views (see video sample 1 above)
  3. Begin your audition right away (see video sample 2 above)


  1. Avoid addressing the camera directly. If possible, find a friend or family member to read with you and another person to record the audition for you.
  2. Make sure that your face is visible during your audition. Do not turn your back to the camera
  3. Be sure to record your audition in a brightly-lit area
  4. Your recording should show you from the knees up
  5. Your audition file must be in mp4 format and must not be larger than 5MB

Step 4   Enter your name and your character name in the subject line of your email and include your phone number in your email.

Step 5   Email your video to audition@ebonylifetv.com between 8am, Wednesday, February 17, 2016 and midnight, March 22, 2016