Development of Rio's international airport free of corruption, officials say

Aug 17, 2015 As investigations into Brazil’s corruption scandal threaten to hold up Olympic preparations, Luiz Rocha, the president of the Rio de Janeiro’s international airport has moved to assert that the airport project is corruption free.

Marcelo Odebrecht, chief executive of the Odebrecht organization, the parent company of the outfit in charge of the Rio de Janeiro’s international airport, was arrested in June on corruption allegations.

Speaking to reporters, Airport President Luiz Rocha emphasized that Odebrecht Transport was wholly independent of those parts of the organization implicated in the scandal.

“Odebrecht Transport is one of the 15 companies within the Odebrecht organization, and is removed from any ongoing investigation. It has its own capital. The Rio ‘Galeao’ airport has its own governing structure. There are three partners. And there is no relation to the ‘Car Wash’ corruption investigation,” said Rocha.

The probe which is dubbed “Operation Car Wash”, has seen more than 20 companies indicted; five of which are currently working on Olympic venues and infrastructure.

According to Rocha, the $570-million airport investment, which includes the construction of a 100,000 square meter pier with 26 new departure points, as well as a new car park, is on track for the Games.

“With just under a year to go until the Olympic Games, we want to share this moment with you. We are investing more than two billion reais (570 million U.S. dollars) through April 2016 to improve infrastructure,” Rocha said.

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