DHWA Fear No More

Showing Oct 8 | Episode 20

Fear No More

Kiki organises a ‘going away’ party for Chuka who in actuality is going to prison. But she explodes in anger when she discovers that she became pregnant after her birth control pills had been tampered with. Lekan Philips returns and attempts to woo Ese away from Kay, while Ese remains oblivious to Lekan’s suspicious agenda. Funke’s nemesis, Amarachi returns and is working closely with Shina. A jealous and threatened Funke turns to Rhetta for advice.

DHWA Fear No More

Akin starts to stalk Aisha to try to restore their friendship. Rhetta exposes Tari to Deji about breaking into his house, forcing Deji to tell Tari an unconvincing lie about Rume’s past. When Tari’s kitchen is set on fire, she assumes Deji is responsible. Larry decides to investigate Deji when he finds out he owned a similar wooden box, and warns Tari to stay away from him.



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