DHWA Goodbye For Now

Showing Oct 22 | Episode 22

Goodbye For Now

In the penultimate episode, a jealous Rhetta connives to stage an intervention for Tari when she learns that Larry is moving in with her, but Tari makes a persuasive moving statement that reassures the women. When Funke plots to keep Shina and Amarachi apart, she ends up getting Shina fired. Lekan breaks into Ese’s house, and lies to Ese about Kay flaunting their ‘unusual’ sex practices to his colleagues. An enraged Ese confronts Kay who strenuously denies the allegations, but ends up having another heart attack.


Chuka beats up Ayo, Tai’s roommate mistaking him for Kiki’s lover. He’s arrested for both breaking the terms of his house arrest and for beating up an innocent man. Kiki decides to leave Chuka when she discovers he was the one who tampered with her pills. Agnes Bassey shares her sister’s journal with Larry, and gives him information about Deji’s whereabouts. A still suspicious Tari tails him in a taxi, only to lose him. Agnes takes Akin into her house and Abike Hastrup and family move into the lane.

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