DHWA One Wonderful Day

Showing Oct 29 | Episode 23

One Wonderful Day

In the final episode of the series, a series of flashbacks reveal the story of Rume and her motivation for committing suicide. The wives visit and comfort Ese in hospital when they hear about Kay’s heart attack. Shina discovers through his boss that Funke was responsible for losing the original promotion and decides to become a house-husband. Tai shocks Chuka by revealing that Kiki’s baby might be his, resulting in Chuka’s further attempts at violence. Rhetta welcomes the enigmatic Hastrup’s to the lane, while Akin holds Tari prisoner at gunpoint, keen to find Larry, who he believes wants to do his father harm. Larry has taken Deji to a deserted place with every intention of killing him after interrogating him. Kay starts to believe that Ese may have been responsible for poisoning him, and writes her a note forgiving her, then dies not long after.


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