DHWA Sunday In The Park With George

Showing Oct 15 | Episode 21

Sunday In The Park With George

Rhetta catches Ese and Lekan in their clandestine ‘cultural’ pursuits, and Ese meets with her to clear the air and justify the outings. A knowing Rhetta confronts her with the charge that Ese’s being emotionally unfaithful. Meanwhile, Kay’s health deteriorates as Lekan continues to tamper with his heart medication. Funke, afraid that their sex life is suffering because of home and work life pressures, tries to spice up their sex life with attempts at role play.

DHWA Sunday In The Park With George

Tari unwittingly hires Deji’s private investigator to investigate Deji, and she also learns from Francesca, Gina’s sister, that Larry killed a man who was going to rape Gina, accidentally and in self-defense, and she decides to forgive him. Kiki confronts Chuka about her tampered birth control pills, and he promptly blames it on his dead mother. Tai almost passes out when Kiki informs him that she’s pregnant and that it might be his. Tari’s relieved when Pascal proposes to Furo and takes her away from Hibiscus Lane. Meanwhile, Agnes plans to force Deji off the lane and to tell Akin everything about his family.

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