Egypt's tourism minister promises greater security measures after tourist attack

Jan 12, 2016 Following an attack in the Red Sea resort of Hurghada that left three tourists wounded, Egyptian authorities recently moved to pacify the situation by introducing additional security measures to safeguard tourists.

While addressing reporters, Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou said:

“In a statement I would like to say that whatever had happened is even an important issue for us as a government as a ministry of interior, that our efforts in upgrading our activities when it comes to security measures in our country is a continuous issue, a continuous practice. We’re continuing to upgrade it for both Egyptian nationals and visitors as well, ensuring their welfare and enjoyment in our country.”

Accompanied by the governor of Hurghada, minister Zaazou also visited the hospital where the wounded tourists were being treated.

While the commending the prompt response of the security operatives, Ahmed Abdallah, Governor of Hurghada said:

“If security measures weren’t strict, then there wouldn’t have been a quick response from security forces such as what we have seen. If this had taken a longer time, we could say that we should increase security measures, however as soon as the two assailants entered the hotel and attacked tourists, security forces intervened very quickly and took control of the situation,”

Benna, a German tourist at the hotel, also shared the governor’s sentiments saying:

“They did a good job. Because, I don’t think… the terrorists could have been over there. Security would have acted like they did and the whole security and the whole staff of the hotel handled it pretty well I think. They were all calm and organized I think,”

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