EL Now Exclusive: Blackface responds to 2baba’s manager

Feb 10, 2016 So the drama continues between Blackface and his former band mate of defunct Plantashun Boys, 2Baba, whose manager Efe Omoregbe, had responded to Blackface’s accusations saying Blackface only wrote the first line of the track in question way back when the Plantashun Boys was still together, for which Blackface was paid royalties.

However, in a chat with EL Now, Blackface denies that 2Baba took permission from him before going ahead to write and record the rest of the song.

Blackface who is supposedly trying to make a comeback with the release of his latest track “Killah”, has it that he hasn’t exactly been out of the music scene all together, as he’s been actively performing on stage.

Best of luck dude.

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