Ethiopia aiming toward clean technology, is teaming up with Infodev to build a climate innovation centre.

09 Apr 2014 Ethiopia is joining the clean technology movement with the opening of the Climate Innovation Centre. The Centre is spearheaded by Infodev, a global innovation program by World Bank. It will provide financial support and mentorship to local climate entrepreneurs specializing in energy efficiency, biofuels, renewable energy and agribusiness.

It’s planning for the long term too; over the next ten years, the Climate Innovation Centre is expected to support over 200 technologically driven climate ventures with the provision of about 12,000 jobs. It will help over 3 million Ethiopians adapt to climate change, boost access to energy for two hundred and sixty five thousand people and increase agricultural practices for one hundred and twenty thousand farmers.

Experts warn that a lack of proper green energy strategy will lead to adaptation expense that will cost Ethiopia five point eight four billion dollars every year. The Ethiopian government is working to forestall that and will work closely with the CIC with respect to the strategies outlined by the Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE).

Infodev’s Climate Technology Program is creating a network of CICs all over the world; the first CIC in Africa was opened in Kenya and others are being established in South Africa, Ghana and Morocco.

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