FC Rostov Coach, Igor Gamula at Risk of Losing his Job over Racism.

4th Nov 2014 Racism is detrimental to social and human interactions and is a vice that has been decried the world over, with efforts from many bodies and individuals to rid different parastastals and levels in society of the unprogressive habit.

In sports, specifically football, serious funding have gone into anti racism campaigns, with some of the best footballers in the sports industry lending their voices to the cause against the evil vice like some players for FC Rostov, a Russian team, who have called for the removal of their coach, Igor Gamula after they alleged he used racist language, when journalists asked him about signing a Cameroon player. Coach Igor Gamula has been slammed from many quarters for his unfortunate and shocking response to the question which was ‘enough dark skinned players, we’ve got six of the things.


The team members, particularly Africans like Siyanda Xulu from South Africa have insisted strongly that the coach needs to be replaced. With a zero tolerance for racism, the soccer player has rejected apologies offered by Igor Gamula made to him and his team mates. The coach has since apologized, saying his intentions were not to cause offence, but this soccer star from South Africa is having none of it.

Since the unfortunate incident, according to Coach Igor, ‘I was deeply worried and didn’t sleep for two days. I hadn’t wanted to insult or upset’.

We will know if this apology appeases Siyanda and other team mates who have had enough of the unfair treatment meted to some footballers based on the color of their skin.

There is no excuse for being a racist, so I stand with Siyanda and hope the team and all other parties involved gets it right. If there’s been a crime, then there should be the time.

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