FIFA elections a closed shop, says Zico

Sep 29, 2015 According to Former Brazillian legend Zico, the current FIFA eligibility rule has closed the door to people who intends to enter the presidential election race.

The current rule stipulates that potential candidates should present letters of support from five national football associations four months before the election. Zico, who is struggling with the rule, said:

“Any sportsman will feel they are a victim of this ruling. It’s your personal history in the sport which should be important, not whether or not you can provide a letter for someone.” 

FIFA’s 209 member associations each hold one vote at the presidential elections. However critics say that they are heavily influenced by the continental confederations, who most times ask their members of vote as a block for one candidate.

“There is big pressure from the confederations and this takes away the independence of the federations. So the federations are afraid to provide a letter because they could suffer reprisals in case their candidate is beaten.”

Current FIFA boss Sepp Blatter will step down in February next year, with Michel Platini and Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan emerging as favorites to replace him.

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