Foreign tourists defy Sharm Al-Sheikh travel advice

Nov 12, 2015 Tourists from several countries recently insisted on continuing their holidays in Egypt’s Sharm al-Sheikh despite travel advice imposed by their various governments. This came after the recent crash of the Airbus A321 operated by a Russian carrier.

The incidence has casted a dampening shadow on the Sharm al-Sheikh, which is a popular destination for European holidaymakers seeking winter sunshine.

The bad press notwithstanding, several tourists still decided to make their way to the country despite travel advice by their governments.

A Russian tourist said he had decided to travel to Egypt on holiday even after the crash.

“When I was flying here I knew about the passenger deaths and about the whole situation with the plane but I decided to come and take holidays because it only happens once and it was not clear what the reason for the plane crash was. After all I made a decision to travel and take holidays, I think Egypt is worth coming to and spending time here,”

Canadian tourist, Catherine, said she will continue to enjoy her extended holiday.

“I decided to stay longer. So, it’s a sign, God is telling me you have to stay to discover Egypt a bit more. So, I’m staying here, I’m going to go to Dahab,”

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