Former hunter helps preserve Tanzanian forests

Oct 01, 2015 Ruben Mwakisoma, a former Tanzanian hunter now uses his detailed knowledge of the local topography to help conservationist carry out their work in the forests of central Tanzania.  Mwakisoma, who is now a research assistant, said he used to spend his days pursuing animals in the wild landscapes of Udzungwa, using only machetes and spears.

The extensive knowledge of the forest which he gathered over the years is coming in handy as researchers try to proffer the best ways to conserve the area.

In 2006, Mwakisoma participated in a scientific expedition at Ndundulu forest, adjacent to Udzungwa Mountains National Park. The expedition led to the discovery of a new species of elephant shrew called the Grey-faced sengi.

According to a video published by the Natural History Museum of Denmark, the animal was first captured on camera by Italian scientist Francesco Rovero with the help of the former hunter.

The video was posted on social media and has received thousands of viewership in barely two weeks.

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