Former Rugby Players and elephants play annual Polo game in Thailand

Mar 14, 2016 Thai elephants recently joined the annual polo tournament in Bangkok as the event heads into its 14th year.

The event, which is organized as a charity aimed to provide elephants with medical attention, featured twenty elephants and ten polo teams competing in the 14th King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament.

One of the tournament organizers, Tim Boda, said the event has managed to raise 15 million baht, which will be donated to various elephant conservational projects in the country.

“After each tournament we have many more chances to just do good, help to the domesticated and the wild elephants with new projects, new partners as well, new foundations that are teaming up with us. So I think that’s the biggest and best news and of course, we’re gonna have lots of fun this week,”

The World Elephant Polo Tournament is also held annually in Nepal. However, the Thai version is played on a smaller circuit, with the proceeds going towards elephant welfare in the country.

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