France calls for urgent set-up of Libya unity government

Apr 1, 2016 French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault recently called for the urgent set-up of a Libya unity government, in a bid to stabilize the country and to push back terrorist groups.

Libya is currently split between rival factions, one of which is controlling the capital Tripoli in the west and the other operates out of the east of the country.

France calls for urgent set-up of Libya unity government

Speaking at a news conference in Algeria, Ayrault said:

“Starting from there, we will be able to build a relationship with Libya and construct a solution that will help this country to reconcile but also rebuild itself and control this danger looming over it and looming over the powers in the region. And they are numerous, the countries in the region, meaning the progression of Daesh (Islamic State). This is our state of mind and also there is an urgency for this government to be set up,”

Islamic State militants have exploited Libya’s security vacuum to expand its operation.

Ayrault went on to say that the only solution to the current challenge is a unity government.

“There is no other solution but a political one. We must learn our lesson from 2011, let us be honest. And so we should not do it again. Initiatives that do not bring any sustainable solutions and that on the contrary, create a state of chaos and disorder, which is detrimental to the Libyan people firstly, the main victims, but also that allows the expansion of terrorist groups like Daesh and threaten all the countries in the region,”

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