Guinea's last ebola case, baby Nubia, leaves hospital

Dec 07, 2015 A one-month-old baby girl named Nubia, who was Guinea’s last reported Ebola case, was recently discharged from the hospital.

This development effectively puts the country on course to be declared free of the deadly virus.

Guinea will become officially Ebola-free after 42 days, if no new cases are reported following the recovery of baby Nubia, who was born to an infected mother.

Saidouba Soumatt, Nubia’s Father said:

“I am happy today, because since her birth I have never seen her. Today, thanks to God for putting her in the hands of these doctors here who took care of her and she will be released. It makes me happy – and it makes the people of Guinea happy,

Ibrahima Favane, the first Ebola survivor of the current outbreak in Guinea also commented on Nubia’s recovery saying:

“Baby Nubia and I represent the symbol of Ebola in Guinea because I am the first to be cured and she is the last one to be cured,”

Nubia’s mother had died shortly after her delivery, however Nubia’s aunt Mabintou Soumatt said:

“For me, Nubia is a little special, a little different than other children, because she is an orphan. When she opens her eyes, she will see me and she got better from a disease, in those ways she is different,”

Laurence Sailly, head of medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres’ emergency team in Guinea said Nubia’s recovery was a result of the experimental drugs as well as round-the-clock care given by the 20-man team.

“Nubia is the last case of the last transmission chain known for Guinea. Some of her family members got ill, she has three brothers and sister who were also ill and who survived Ebola as well. She lost her mother and her aunt,”

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