Hairdresser in Ghana joins the electoral train

5th Feb 2015 Earlier this year, we shared with you that women in Ghana have been encouraged to stand up and pick the political mantle. We’re glad to report that one woman at least is heeding the call. Miss Becky Hesse Lartey, a 49 year old hairdresser, will be running in the March 3 District Assembly Elections. She is one of the contenders for the assembly member position in the Sakaman Electoral Area, Greater Accra Region. Miss Becky Lartey is totally fed up with the way things have been done in the recent past, and feels she has to be in on the action and more hands on, to effect the change she desires. She is the only woman in the electoral race which has three other men contesting her position.

Ms Lartey cited reasons such as insecurity, environmental waste, a growing number of deprived children and Poor drainage systems, as part of the points on her agenda if elected, as they are some of the challenges she has identified in the area.

The hairdresser is very passionate about her district where she has lived since she was five years old and said she will tackle the issues in her neighborhood and other communities in the district with the participation of governmental agencies and offices, since governance was participatory and a joint effort. She has backed her words with actions as seen in her physical efforts in improving the environment, by leading a team to unclog gutters in some areas.

The prospective assembly member does not see her contenders as threats based on their gender, or her contesting for the political post as a gender battle, but truly believes in her ability to serve the community where she has lived almost all of her life.

We wish her the best

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