Haiyan survivors light candles to mark second anniversary of deadly typhoon

Nov 11, 2015 Survivors of typhoon Haiyan recently marked the second anniversary of the disaster by lighting candles for their loved ones around Tacloban City.

Haiyan, which is the strongest typhoon ever to make landfall, destroyed practically everything in its path as it swept across central Philippines on November 8, 2013.

The seven-meter storm surge destroyed over 90 percent of the city of Tacloban, killing 6,300 people and displacing more than 4.5 million people across 44 provinces.

Speaking during the commemoration,¬†Marissa Cabaljao, an officer with the People’s Surge Alliance for Disaster Survivors said:

“What we learned is that it is only through solidarity and helping each other could we get back on our feet and make progress,”

Two years after Haiyan struck, the city of Tacloban is slowly bouncing back to its former glory. However hundreds of families are still struggling for proper housing.

The Philippine National Housing Authority recently revealed that around 205,000 houses were needed to accommodate the families in Leyte Province who lost their homes to the typhoon.

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