Hollande says French air strikes will be needed in Syria

Sep 18, 2015 French President Francois Hollande recently met with his Nigerian counterpart President Muhammadu Buhari to discuss matters of security. Speaking at a news conference, President Hollande said:

“Boko Haram is linked to Daesh as we know, and receives aids and support from this group. Fighting against Boko Haram is fighting against Daesh. It is no longer possible to distinguish terrorism from regions. It’s the same terrorism inspired by the same death ideology and that’s the reason why France has for a long time by intervening in Mali, by supporting countries of the Lake Chad region started the fight against terrorism and against Daesh,”

France has been heavily engaged in the fight against al-Qaeda militants in West Africa and has also provided logistical support and intelligence to Nigeria and neighboring states.

President Buhari, who was greeted by a guard of honor on arrival, thanked France for its support to Nigeria in its fight against Boko Haram. He went on to say that the Islamist group will soon be decapitated.

“It’s important that those countries of Lake Chad commission can be in a position by the next meeting in May next year to ensure that Boko Haram has been routed,” Buhari said.

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