Hollande visits Morocco, calls to solve refugee crisis sticking points before EU Summit

Sep 24, 2015 President Francois Hollande recently paid Morocco a two-day visit. During a meeting with King Mohammed VI and Moroccan Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane, he called for a quick resolution for the migration crisis in Europe.

Speaking at a news conference, the French president highlighted the objectives of his government in tackling the issue of immigrants.

“For France, the first objective and the main condition is the implementation of the Schengen rules and the rights of the refugees. The second will for France is that we could help the countries that welcome the refugees and who cannot do this anymore. This means that more resources should be devoted to the High Commission for Refugees and more direct help to countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey”

Also commenting on the political scenario in Burkina Faso, president Hollande said:

“When politically analyzing some current topics, mainly the situation in Burkina Faso, we entirely support the dialogue taking place now between many heads of African countries and those who committed an illegal act in the hope to go back to the transition process. At this moment, a dialogue is taking place and France is supporting the African mediation. I warn those who would like to oppose it.”

Greek Prime Minister Alexi Tsipras was recently voted back into office in an unexpectedly decisive election.

Commenting on the Greek election, President Hollande said:

“It is an important result for Greece, which will witness a period of stability with a stronger majority, mainly with Alexis Tsipras who defended courageously the agreement concluded with the European Council on July 13. It is an important success for Europe, which should listen to the message sent by the Greek people,” 

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