Hundreds of women in Mogadishu protest against militant group

Sep 11, 2015 Hundreds of Somalian women recently took to the streets of Mogadishu in protested against the militant group, Al-Shabab.

Gathered with the common purpose of condemning terrorism, the women sent a clear message to Al-Shabaab, saying; “your time is over”.

With over 500 Somali women in attendance, the rally garnered support for the local military and African Union forces following a recent attack on their base by Al-Shabaab.

Asha Koos Mohamud Omar, Somali parliament member had this to say:

“We have come here together to show solidarity with the African countries that have peacekeeping forces in Somalia. We send our deepest condolences. Peace is the key to life. Without peace, there is no existence,”

At the event, participants expressed contempt over the atrocities and destruction caused by the militant group in Somalia and beyond.

“We recognize Al-Shabaab as the enemy of Somalia. They have shown no mercy to the people of Somalia. They have no good intentions whatsoever. They are lying to everyone that they are fighting a religious war. Their actions have led to the displacement of thousands, and they have destroyed the whole country,” said Osman Muhudin Ali, a local district commissioner.

Al-Shabaab, which announced its affiliation with Al Qaeda in 2012, has lost a lot of territory since it was driven from Mogadishu four years ago, but remains a threat. This has led to the call for its total annihilation.

Anab Hassan Ilmi, member of the Somali National Women’s Organization said:

“We will never forget the sacrifice of the A.U. forces. We send our deepest condolences to the governments and peoples of Burundi and Uganda. We share with you the pain and the loss inflicted by the terrorists, Al-Shabaab,”

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