Indonesian man creates a "Robotic Arm" from scrap metal

Jan 27, 2016 An Indonesian man, I Wayan Sumardana, recently created a robotic arm from scrap metal, which he says helps him make use of his paralyzed left arm.

Sumardana suffered a stroke six months ago which saw his left arm paralyzed.

Unable to work with just one arm, the vocational high school graduate used his skills to create a gadget that would help him regain mobility.

Using bits and pieces from his workshop, Sumardana constructed an arm brace, which is attached to a head gear that he claims allows his thoughts to energize motion in his paralyzed arm.

Speaking about his innovation, he said:

“It’s not a complicated device, but it just relies heavily on thoughts. Most people usually have stories in their thoughts. That’s the key (to make the arm work).

Although his invention has no scientific backing, it has made him a local media celebrity.

The publicity however has not been without criticism, with many saying his contraption is bogus and that the news of his invention is a hoax.

The criticism apparently hasn’t fazed him as he went on to say:

“I hope this will motivate other people, who have had a stroke or are paralyzed like myself. Some, can’t even walk. I hope they keep their spirits up to live because life is hard and to give up is easy,”

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