COVID Innovation Challenge Participants

The winning SME will receive the services of professional consultants to generate a business plan, an introduction to financiers and a cash prize of N1 million from EbonyLife TV. 

Voting closes 19th June 2020

The winner will be announced on 29th June 2020.

The product is a wish app which helps people make a wish and their wishes are shared to their contacts and the public, thereby giving a chance for their wishes to be granted by anybody that feels capable to grant. On the other hand would be in agreement with majority of online stores like Jumia and konga and get a percentage from purchase of every successful wish granted.

Food is essential to our sustainance and during the covid-19 outbreak, people are being sceptical about going to crowded places especially markets, taking public transport and exchanging money. I see this problem persisting since there’s no known vaccine for the virus and infection can be fatal. This is why I have come up with the idea of creating a website where people can order raw foodstuff like grains, vegetables, meat, seasonings, palm oil, tomatoes and pepper etc. The order is received and processed, our dispatch delivers the items to each customer without them having to leave the comfort of their homes and risk being infected. This will make life easier for Nigerians who want to make their own food.

Euniquetees is an online store for made in Nigeria products only. It is a platform to showcase the beauty and quality of products made in Nigeria. Nigeria has great local manufacturers and producers on large ,medium and small scale. We believe it is high time Nigerians and the rest of the world see creativity,beauty and standard of Nigeria brands and products. Our services hope to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Nigeria brands at small,medium or large scale have what it takes to compete with other world brands. This we believe in the long run will increase and improve quality of life,creativity and productivity of local business owners and help grow the economy of Nigeria .

TODO SELF STORAGE Is a fully integrated online service that is being set up to provide reliable, cheap and secure storage solution for individuals and businesses. 
Our customers and potential customers alike can be rest assured that they will get quality services at competitive rates. We will go the extra mile to ensure the safety of goods under our care and our customers get value for their money. TODO SELF STORAGE com is the T.I.P (Transparency, Innovation, and Performance) Company and no doubt it will change the face of the storage industry within Nigeria, which is why we have taken our time to do thorough homework before launching the business. We were able to highlight some factors that will give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Some of the factors are trust, honesty, good and excellent relationship management, strong secure storage facilities powered by technology, cost advantages, customer loyalty and strong reputation amongst domestic industry players.

As eating fruits and Vegetables is becoming hard for most individuals to consume. We have decided to turn them into beverage making it very easy to have a taste of fruits or vegetable in our daily lives.
Studies have shown a diet high in fruit and vegetables can help protect you against cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

In order to maintain a healthy body, we need to ensure we take care of our bodies.

Ours life’s are busy and sometimes get too tired or forget to add this to our daily meal. Making them fresh and ready for human consumption is our way for ensuring people have intake of their fruit and Vegetable and as well living healthy.

S-Band(Face Shields) – The production of Face Shields in Nigeria. S-Band face shields are simple, light weight, easy to wear and will be available for the general public including workers of all kinds, kids,etc We believe that even after the pandemic clears, people will be more health conscious and will still require some protective wear against contacting the virus.

YOURHELPNG is a company that focuses on helping people to get their task done by saving them from stress and saving their time and this was born out of a personal experience. In the year 2018, My elder sister was pregnant and she went out to get some things for herself but she got hit by a bike but thank God she didn’t die or lose the pregnancy and I felt there are lots of people out there who wants to get some task done but are unable to do them probably due to health challenges, stress, time or other reasons and I thought within me, why not create a solution that can solve these problems and I came up with Yourhelpng. Our services include shopping (groceries, foodstuffs and household items), Cleaning and maintenance, Laundry and Surprise Packages (party, gift/hampers). Our goal is to see that our clients are happy and fulfilled, while we do the stress for them with our time they can easily focus on other things they want to achieve without their time been wasted and without being stressed. At Yourhelpng our client orders are taken as priority and delivered swiftly.

Over 1billion children around the world goes to school any given day, but millions are not reaching basic proficiency level in mathematics and reading. UNICEF report also says 73% of students failed English and Mathematics yearly during WAEC, NECO, and JAMB examination. And this can be as a result of poor teaching techniques, lack of qualified teachers and inability for the teacher to make the subject practicable and simple. Youlearn Africa is an online educational platform that intend to help every child become the best in mathematics and reading through simplified learning, cultivating their confidence and make them learn with fun. Education has gone beyond the four walls of the classroom and the percentage of children learning online during the COVID period has increased by 83%. We intend to build a mobile app that will connect students to professional tutors, where students can have one-on-one tutoring classes with professional tutors.

I was opportuned to had my internship at Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi (FIIRO). One of the session i acquired skills from is Power Plant and Processing and what we do majorly there is processing of Agricultural produce, to final products such as Garri, fufu, Starch,Ogi etc. The new product that caught my attention then was a research of Soy-Ogi ;combination of Soya beans( rich in protein) to improve the life of this product (Ogi) from Maize/Corn to give _Soy-Ogi_. I am passionate about production and i have been willing for opportunities like this to produce in large quantities and make it available in Nigeria market for Nigerians after the pandemic. As we all know food is very especially to the body and it’s a do without. All other produce/product such as fruits,vegetables,all product that can be gotten from cassava e.t.c will also be made available as time goes by.

Am a spinal cord injury surviver I want to create a social media connect for spinal injury surviver’s for physiotherapy exercises

Max VIVY fruits & veggies Bank. The wellness and wholeness that fruits and vegetables give to the body cannot be overemphasized, as a matter of fact, researchers are still in awe at the positive impacts of fruits and vegetables in the human race. In critical times like this, where the immune system needs to be boosted, Nutritionist and health experts advise that the consumption of fruits and vegetables should be on the high side to help boost the body’s immunity. And as such we are vivy’s fruits and vegetables have decided to bring this product to your door steps. Using our mobile fruit truck to convey this goods to customers to also help maximize social distancing. Fruits and veggies can also be delivered upon request by a customer at any given time, Possibly during the day. We also have fruit basket gift, that can be sent to loved ones

Feminitease is an online platform that deals mainly in women products and services. Our goal is to provide a one-stop online marketplace for a woman’s every need. We are going to achieve this by connecting vendors with their potential buyers under one platform, making it seamless for both parties to have their goals satisfactorily achieved. We are offering both business to business and business to customers based services and our platform is open to all kinds of vendors. Be they brands, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, startups, people selling from shops, their car trunks… The common aim is to bring women products dealer and buyers under one platform Our goal is to create the largest online and qbusiness community for women. A platform that will serve women across every class and work of life. Pre Covid-19, it was necessary for women to find balance in work, family and every aspect of her existence and we planned to help every woman find comfort and convenience in shopping her needs, home needs as well as networking, finding opportunities and growing. And then came Covid-19, our lifestyles and routines have been greatly impacted by the effects of the virus and it is clear to see that the normal we used to know is not going to be back to us soon. Feminitease is offering the change and support most women in the SME business sector can leverage on. Every business needs visibility and a place of contact, this is our offering. Feminitease… Phenomenal.

It’s a food production service, which uses both old and new methods of production which is Aquaponics( combination of biology and agriculture in food production) and vertical farming the use of technology in food production. Using this system food production can be done in and out of season and healthy foods can be produced without using chemicals. It’s the best and sustainable way of food production. Also logistics in terms of transportation of orders, we’ll create an online platform where we can reach our customers far and near, displaying our products and prices where orders can be placed to request for our products in large and small quantities. In delivery customers addresses will be provided to aid shipping to their destination. This is the future of food where there’s combination of technology in food production and transportation. Also, this production system doesn’t need a large land area because production will be done in a green house with also less water consumption.

INTRODUCTION Since the coming of democracy in 1999, the loss ratio of power has reduced from 46.9% in 1996 to 9.4% in 2008.Vandalism of equipment, poor management has led to sub-optimal electricity making Nigerians resort to power backup solutions. My almost a decade experience in this industry has revealed that apart from quality, usage plays a huge role in product performance. Inverter world is an advisory brand tailored to bridge the gap between sales and after sales support. https://anchor.fm/inverter-world METHODOLOGY Conduct a survey that drives the public back to us, that way we have an idea of what the public need via media channels online & offline. FINDINGS; Observation; There is a huge gap between sales and after sales support. Hypothesis; Research shows there is no inverter advisory medium. Inferences; I am of the opinion that if Ebony life Tv can adopt this innovation, it would go a long way to gain larger viewership, empower undergraduates and transforms non users to be users leading to revenue generation. Testing; We can test this hypothesis using a survey, that way we can actually capture real data and measure our results by reviewing data and forming our conclusions.

What is innovation? It is the introduction of new things, ideas or ways of doing something. Due to challenges faced by many during the pandemic,many will say free education on online networking should be taught in most places, which is very correct. But the question is; how many people will have the gadgets to practice what they’ve been thought. This brings me to my idea. AN INCREASE IN LABOUR MARKET IS THE SOLUTION. An increase in labor market will create multiple opportunities. I intend to create an increase in labor market through fashion. By; Getting a shop space Employ people who are skilled in fashionable ways like; tailoring ,bead making, makeup, gele tying, hairdressing ,nails etc. Providing the essential and important equipment needed. Employing 3 or 4 persons each in the different segment to begin work for a start. Organizing free classes for those who want to be skilled in segments that are available in the work space. With this channel, I’m helping both the skilled and unskilled. I’m also making resources available to persons who need them. THANK YOU.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, millions of people have lost their jobs worldwide. In Nigeria, the case is not a different one and Hanny’s Hive is proposing a solution to help Nigerians survive this crises. A mobile application for the 36 states and the FCT in which people – employers – get to post needs for products/services (babysitting, photography, laundry, house cleaning, interior designing, private chef, catering services, mobile barbing services etc) that are available and other users – employees – can easily apply/opt for the jobs. It will also allow advertisements of businesses (products & services). The service will be secure because every one gets to register on the app with their name, house address, email address, mobile number and picture. But these information will only be available to users who have a pending job agreement. There will also be physical registration for employees where physical verification and fingerprint submissions will be carried out. This solution will go a long way in helping Nigerians sustain themselves during and after the pandemic and will curb the issue of citizens opting for vices to survive.

My own idea that will make life easier for Nigerians in this new reality is to adopt the system of mobile payment ,because mobile payment platform gives opportunity to buy and pay without physical contact with the seller,and it also allows us to transfer money to relatives and friends in need,and mobile payment will allows us to pay our utility bills in other for us to isolate our self from the rest of the world.

This is a product that will bring education closer to all household in Nigeria most especially the middle income earners. This program will not only increase academic quality in the country but also reduce unemployment in the country especially among the youth. There will be online class and also classes in individual status. There will be training for all teachers with time tested method that makes education more fun than rigorous. This, we believe we can achieve.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about my idea. I am Chinelo Okafor. I am an Electrical/Electronics Engineer with over 6years of experience in the technology industry. I am passionate about empowering people with analytical skills that will help them grow in their Job or help them get a good job, this brought about my COVID Innovate Idea. The idea: I would like to host a Training show on EBONYLIFETV. I would like to train people to acquire analytical skills while they work from home. Skills such as Microsoft Excel, PowerBI, and the list goes on. I would also like to train people, children, and adults on the use of technology such as the use of Zoom for a meeting, use of Google meet, and children on how to use the computer, how to program, etc. To keep the children engaged, I did a project of “Kids can Program with Scratch” and my channel is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYsx2hG_XSk&list=PLr5tc1IfEti1Fs-pdxZCc8CkknBQ3M8_P I believe my idea will empower people without necessarily using much of their data to garner essential skills. I have worked as a Data Analyst for 4 years in the telecommunication industry and I am Data Analytics certified with Udacity. Thank you.

Interactive Radio Instruction(IRI) is an instructional approach that uses one-way radio to reach students and teachers via prerecorded, interactive lessons. Especially for Nigerians in highly volatile areas e.g communities proned to Terrorist attacks and bandits. Communities where the distance to place of learning is very Far. Low income earners that can’t afford to send their kids to school. Therefore the Radio School is setup to Tackle the challenges faced by these affected communities or individuals. In conclusion, Broadcasting radio lessons would be the quickest and cheapest option to schooling for many Nigerian youths. I hope that you consider my application worthy of approval from your team as I look forward to hearing from you.