Instructors from the United States train new Ukrainian special operation troops

Nov 25, 2015 Instructors from the United States recently started training new Ukrainian special operation troops in the Khmelnytsky region.

The programme will include the development of special operation forces as a military branch, which will effectively increase the number Ukraine’s combat personnel.

Commenting on the program, one of the deputy commanders said:

“The program is rather interesting because it is many-sided – starting from special tactics training and ending with skills on how to operate weaponry, firing training, engineering training. The personnel receive a lot of knowledge and practical skills,”

Bohdan Dudak, of the Ukrainian servicemen said:

“We are studying together with our friends, American military friends. We share experience – they share with us, we share with them. We learn a lot. I am satisfied with the training, we learn a lot of interesting things,”

During the course, the Ukrainian soldiers will be taught everything from medical training, spotting improvised bombs, searching buildings to close assault.

The training program is scheduled to last six months, with several groups receiving all the necessary techniques to be able to act as a special operations unit.

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