Jose Mourinho talks about his love for tennis

June 25, 2015 Jose Mourinho may be famous for his association with football but another sport he has a weakness for is tennis. The celebrated coach shared his excitement about Wimbledon which is around the corner as he watched the action at the traditional Wimbledon warm-up event at Queen’s Club in London, where Andy Murray took the title for the fourth time. Mourinho spoke of his love for the game:

“I’m a big, big big, fan. Unfortunately because of my job and because of the dates of the tournaments it’s quite difficult for me to travel in other tournaments, or even to come to Wimbledon. But I’m the kind of one that can be a week at home watching a tournament, watching a three, four hour match no problem at all because I really love it, I love the game,”

He added that, despite the difference between soccer and tennis, footballers can emulate how tennis players deal with pressure on the court, all by themselves…

“I have a special respect for the players because I think it’s not enough what they have by the technical or the physical point of view it’s also, maybe the most important thing, the mental point of view, lonely people competing is more difficult,”

Mourinho rounded up by talking about the historic courts, saying

“It’s amazing, you just feel the history. In football we have also a couple of stadiums with this aura and it’s difficult to explain but you feel it and I think this is the best way to describe it, you come in and you just feel it.”

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