Juergen Klopp presented as new Liverpool manager

Oct 13, 2015 Liverpool’s new manager Juergen Klopp recently said being called to work for the club is the biggest honor he could imagine. He also gave himself a four-year target to win a league title.

During his presentation, the German national said:

“The greatest honour I can imagine to be here. For me it is one of the biggest clubs in the world and give me this opportunity, yes, to try to help in a situation that is not so difficult like all the people in the room feel, I think. It is not the perfect moment of course but I feel it is a good moment to come here and I feel really proud.”

When question on his attraction of Liverpool, the former Borussia Dortmund manager said:

“The intensity of the football, of football. How the people live football in Liverpool and around Liverpool, all Liverpool fans all over the world. So it is not a normal or usual club, it’s a special club and I had two very very special clubs with Mainz 05 and Borussia Dortmund, and this now, it is a perfect next step for me to be here.”

Klopp, who took over from Brendan Rodgers, praised the players and said what was needed, was a new way of playing to motivate the team.

“This is a great club with a big team, great potential, fast players, strong players, good defenders, flexible, creative, everything is there,” he said. “So some players are injured, that is normal. Let us try to start a new way. I think this is the perfect moment to do this because now everything is different. Here is a German guy, first time, let’s try to use him. Because I don’t know all but I am a pretty good listener and I want to listen now what happens until now and then I go to Melwood (training ground) and see what will work, what doesn’t work, all these things, then we think about it and then we play football, it is a good moment now.”

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